You are eligible to receive funded support from the SSW / SSR programme if you are 19 years of age or older and are employed or employed and at risk of redundancy by a Small Medium Enterprise (SME), which is an organisation employing less than 250 individuals.

People who are self-employed are also eligible to receive support from these programmes.

The training provider will complete eligibility checks on all organisations and individuals who are accessing the programme.

The business must be operating within the 4 local authority areas of the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) area:

  • Hull
  • East Riding of Yorkshire
  • North Lincolnshire
  • North East Lincolnshire

Support for Redundancy

Skills Support for Redundancy (SSR) provides support for people who are under notice of redundancy with their employer.

You are entitled to individualised and bespoke training and employment support opportunities if you meet the criteria below;

  • You are aged 19 or over and have been identified by your employer as at risk of redundancy and/or commenced formal consultation with your employer.

Early identification of your career objectives and training requirements is a key component to the success of the SSR intervention, which features assessment and guidance at the start of your programme, and work with your current or prospective employers to identify the type and level of training appropriate to support you. Wherever possible, any support and training activity should be successfully completed before employees at risk of redundancy leave employment.

This support is available to help you to refresh your skills or identify transferable skills to help you to compete in today’s job market.

Geographical Coverage

Individual employees must be working within a company within the recognised boundaries of the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) area.

  • Hull
  • East Riding of Yorkshire
  • North Lincolnshire
  • North East Lincolnshire

If an individual is homeless it will be based on the postcode of the Job Centre at which they sign to receive employment benefit.

 Download SSW For Redundancy Leaflet.


The Skills Support for the Workforce contract sets out a number of services that must deliver locally tailored learning solutions including bespoke training packages to meet the skills priorities of eligible SME employers and their employees. This will be achieved through the delivery of a range of skills provision leading to the onward progression of the individual.

Specified deliverables will enable the project to respond to emerging skills issues by designing and developing new provision to meet evidenced skills gaps; supporting innovation; responsive delivery and enabling the SSW Partnership to engage effectively with the Humber LEP priority sectors and local SMEs to promote the benefits of learning. The following provides further details of the specific deliverables.

  • Employer Engagement Events to promote SSW funded training and project deliverables to local SMEs.
  • Resources to support the development of new short vocational courses to enable the training provider to respond to specific needs identified through the employers Training Needs Analysis. This will provide flexible delivery solutions to overcome any gaps in current available training packages.
  • Resources to support innovative improvements in Employability, this may include further development of the Employability Passport Framework, HR resources for micro businesses etc.
  • Funding new methods to deliver training to remote learners, examples may include digital services, rural roadshows etc.
  • Report detailing local employer skills requirements up to 2022, this will be based on LEP key priority sector areas and emerging new markets.
  • Funding to develop a Graduate/ Apprenticeship internship scheme with local employers. By developing a collaborative partnership model with businesses to identify opportunities to create more work placements and explore sharing of staff resources.

Several of these deliverables will be put out to open tender for specialist organisations to submit delivery ideas and appropriate responses to the listed requirements.

To register your interest and to be notified when the tenders are live please register on the Hull College Group e-tendering site at: https://in-tendhost.co.uk/hull-college

For additional information, take a look at our Procurement page – http://www.hull-college.ac.uk/information/procurement


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